Not only does it block incoming damage, it also amplifies gun damage for allies shooting through it. Here’s what to run: As ever, we are going for as many kill skills as humanly possibly in this tree, and what’s especially key now here is lifestyle, because Mayhem scaling has broken lifestealing in a way that it essentially makes you immortal, due to the increased damage numbers. Zane was our first pick when we first began out Borderlands 3 journey. Spamming laser-sploders and fastballs is amusing. Build overview. About the Band of Sitorak: The Band of Sitorak is a Legendary Item in Borderlands 3.This Pangolin shield has a very low capacity, however, the recharge rate is insane. Link to my current time (8:32), America's Top Givers: The 25 Most Philanthropic Billionaires, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, ‘BulletVille’ Developer Claims ‘Apex Legends’ Ripped Off Fuse Design From Them, ‘Borderlands 3’ Patch Begins Arms Race Event, Buffs Weapons And Skills, GameStop PS5, Xbox Series X Restock: What You Need To Know, Dark Future Ana Bray Is The ‘Destiny 2’ Villain We Need To See, ‘Fortnite’ Steel Farm Location: Where To Drive A Car Through A Cornfield At Steel Farm, The One Change That Would Make ‘Genshin Impact’ 50% Better, 5 Reasons You Really Need To Play ‘Hitman 3’, ‘Fortnite’ Season 5, Week 8 Challenges Leaked Online: Here’s What To Expect, ‘Fortnite’ Predator Apartment Location: Where To Visit Predator’s Apartment, ‘Hitman 3’ Safe And Door Keypad Codes For The Dubai ‘Top Of The World’ Level, have discovered that the 100% cryo damage on SNTNL is actually better. Update: I have discovered that the 100% cryo damage on SNTNL is actually better than the 200% damage on action skill anointment due to the weird way that damage is calculated in Borderlands. Build overview. As you can see, I have maxed every skill in this tree besides weapon swap speed and the capstone, which is negated by the class mod. Borderlands 3 Zane Barrier Build. This shield drops 1/4 times in our farm MAYHEM 4. Each Augment can occur twice which increases its stats. Play style is pretty easy. Comments. Put target softeners on iron bear and whatever else you want. Kill things. Free shipping . (I also run a Maggie with barrier accuracy and crit anointment, A fire and shock dictator with element ase's, and whatever else fits the bill for the boss I'm farming), Seein' dead class mod with (3 donny brook, 1 violent violence and 1 playing dirty), (The goal is to mix different element types to be able to shred through all three health types, there's no need to have the exact equipment with the same ase as mine as long as each has a separate element). For this one I have weapon damage and Dahl crit damage for my Kaoson. Build I'm using to speed clear maliwan takedown solo (m4 tvhm), Should work for mobbing/bossing as well with some weapon changes. It's a high survivability build that will work especially well against multiple enemies. Plz help. Band of sitorak anointed for zane. We’re back on Eden-6, only going to Ambermire this time around. If you have the guardian reward shield reboot, the shield will barely be down. Corrosive Ion cannon is for Valkyries and Wotan's better half. Best Zane Build. Free shipping . The whole point of this build is to keep Zane in the field through the use of his barrier and digiclone. Are you really surprised it’s the Pearl? You may opt-out by. The Antifreeze is a legendary operative class mod that is all about SPEED = KILLS. Band of Sitorak » Borderlands 3 Legendary Shield » MentalMars. Run around. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Because when you are sliding or airborne, Zane gains 40% weapon damage and 20% damage reduction. He helped me become a better zane player. Other shields should work fine, I initially ran with a stop gap for a more defensive play style, but there were too often times I'd be waiting for my cool downs to come back from the low recharge rate. INTRODUCTION. They’re pretty close to even damage with the cryo one having a slight edge. Login to rate this build! He probably sports the most versatile skill set and our Zane build focuses on defense and movement. When an enemy is killed, Zane gains increased accuracy, handling, critical hit damage, status effect damage, and status effect chance. But before any of that, guess what! It's optimized for maximum Movement Speed which at the same time increases your Damage, thanks to the Violent Momentum Passive. Use a band of sitorak or mendel's multivitamin shield. [ Zane Build ] I'm running a cryo zane with all the right pieces of gear. Cryo is a powerful element in Borderlands 3 as it universally affects all enemies unless otherwise stated to be immune. Cutsman is an insane single target shredder, but more for slower big enemies like kraken and Wotan himself. Borderlands 3 Zane Builds. 1. Meanwhile, the Clone rocks the Scourge with the Quasar for mobbing and It's Piss for bossing. Zane Sub Zero build overview. This is more of a support type build for Zane. Building my 3rd character zane! Shout out to ThiccFila, go give him some love on youtube. $10.00. Builds . SNTNL and barrier build SNTNL with cryo anointed guns. Zane the Operative is one of the coolest characters in Borderlands 3 and this guide will give players the best builds for each of his skill trees. Only registered users can post comments. Check how that went in our review.He is essentially an evolution of Zero from Borderlands 2 and as the man himself says – they even went to the same assassin school. It directly helps abilities like Adrenaline, Confident Competence, and Nerves of Steel. Normally, you would want the 25% damage increase on throw, which will trigger from a few your tree skills. Gearbox. It allows us to take full advantage of adrenaline to keep spawning our clone and dopplebanging to get our ase's. Now we have finally come to my last build for Mayhem 10 in Borderlands 3, as I’ve already done the other three vault hunters this past week. The Unstoppable – Band of Sitorak, Legendary Shield. Borderlands 3: Best Builds for Zane the Operative. The reason behind the band of sitorak is simply it's low capacity and high recharge rate. Rainbow Banjo Build build for Zane. News and opinion about video games, television, movies and the internet. Put a point in Iron bears shield. Finally, because the Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge isn't the best for Zane, we take an Ice Breaker Victory Rush. wesdonbrazzell19 (Wesdonbrazzell19) February 13, 2020, 2:26pm #1. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for [PS4] Borderlands 3 Icy Dead Zane God Roll Band Of Sitorak - Level 5 at the best online prices at eBay! The Barrier also grants your active Shield's bonuses to all allies, however, makes it have a slightly reduced the effect on Zane. Our Zane build is pretty much the fastest Build in Borderlands 3. It’s just too good, keeping all his kill skills up 100% of the time. Lootlemon is an Item Database, Class Builder, DPS Calculator and Community for Borderlands Player. Zane has gotten buffed and buffed and is finally in a solid state right now. Can anyone help me as to why? Today we take a look at the legendary Band of Sitorak shield! Again, you don’t need the capstone here at all. Here’s what to run: This Phasecast/Mystical Assault-centric Amara build is designed to strike a balance between Gun, Elemental, and Action Skill damage. The Band of Sitorak gives you bonuses while your shield is depleted and your shield will go down pretty fast. Alternatively, you can also use the Band of Sitorak shield if you wish to stack more damage. If you really want to take this build to the next level, try to find yourself the Ferocious Lyuda Legendary Sniper Rifle. This Zane build is a lot more durable than that build, however, and might be the best all-around build in the game right now, especially once Yellowcake Moze gets nerfed. A different section here, but make sure you keep flipping your modifiers until you get the “increased movement speed on kill” easy one, which will make Zane superhumanly fast and increase his damage at the same time. This Barrier can be upgraded by taking All-Rounder to augment. The reason behind the band of sitorak is simply it's low capacity and high recharge rate. Looking for good gear. The cornerstone of this Zane build is the Barrier action skill, which allows you to deploy a shield for you and your team to hide behind. These are the recommended Zane builds which you should try out in BL3: Undercover Barrier. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Enjoy. With this build, defence isn't such a problem so offensive shields like the Version 0.m or the Nova Berner are pretty nice. For my Kaoson build, I have the 150% damage increase for grenades while an action skill is active because it applies to the sticky bombs of that gun. As a result, it’s very, very hard to actually die on Zane. The new anointment that you will want on pretty much every gun you use is the 200% damage when an action skill is active, because Zane will always have at least one skill active with this build, so it’s triple damage based on this anointment literally all the time (it does not stack twice to 400%, FYI). This will be a staple of practically every build indefinitely until it’s nerfed or something better comes along. I like the Recharger for survivability, and the 15% speed on SNTNL anointment as it makes a fast build even faster pretty much all the time. Free shipping for many products! © 2021 Forbes Media LLC. It is, as ever, pretty much a 100% damage increase all the time. I also have a Hellshock with 300% damage over 90% health for taking down boss shields like on Traunt. Even having one ase element will make the redistributor a beast). Thanks! The content will be regularly updated and various topics will be presented. It's a very powerful and well-rounded build that utilizes a very fast-paced playstyle and allows the player to use any Weapons they want. This Zane build is a lot more durable than that build, however, and might be the best all-around build in the game right now, especially once Yellowcake Moze gets nerfed. M10 Level 60 Redistributor SHOCK 49 Mag Zane SNTNL 100 … Borderlands 3. KeenGamer: ”Zane the operative is one of the most badass and versatile playable characters in Borderlands. Crafting the best Borderlands 3 Zane build means blending his three skill tree branches - Under Cover, Hitman, and Doubled Agent - to make the most … Borderlands 3 PS4 Level 53 Zane Redistributor Seein' Dead Chain Build - 27 Items. From Rogue’s Hollow fast travel station you want to travel south until you reach the point marked on the map bellow. 1. Sub Zero is a fast paced and aggressive build that aims to freeze foes before dispatching them. Also when you are slowed, Zane gains 25% movement speed. This Pangolin shield has a very low capacity, however, the recharge rate is insane. Pop iron bear, hop out and hide in the bubble. 4 Band of Sitorak The Band of Sitorak is a shield that works extremely well with Zane. All Augments are equally common. Level 60 Band of Sitorak SNTNL 15% Movement Speed xbox bl3 Health and Fleet. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Guns: This is where the build is actually kind of diverse because it can use kind of…whatever you want. Accurate, up-to-date information that's easy to apply. Borderlands 3 Zane build guide – Try out these top-tier builds to make the most out of this versatile Operative! If you have the guardian reward shield reboot, the shield will barely be down. Pick up my new sci-fi novel Herokiller, and read my first series, The Earthborn Trilogy, which is also on audiobook. I usually have to switch to a transform because it doesnt do the job. Magazine size and gun damage are the main ones here, and I did manage to get down to the movement speed upgrades, as going crazy fast is a key component of this build, especially with new Mayhem modifiers that literally makes Zane break landspeed records. Barrier guns Transformer/band of sitorak/ revengenater Seeing dead It’s piss Victory rush. The Band of Sitorak spawns with any combination of 0 to 2 Augments. Lifesteal. Seein’ Dead is really the only mod to ever use on Zane, which is kind of a bummer because there are literally no other options. This is currently the best Support Build for Borderlands which is based on Zane's Barrier Shield which blocks incoming projectiles and increases the Gun Damage of all allies inside significantly. So try and prioritize a fast recharge rate/delay shield. Borderlands 3 comes with a new batch of Vault Hunters for players to tinker around with; Zane the Operative, Moze the Gunner, Amara the Siren, and FL4K the Best Zane solo build (Image credit: Gearbox Software) This build relies on using your Barrier to stay alive at all times. Zane build by BFG Expert updated 8 months ago 0%. But it can also be used offensively if you use the Barrier and push your enemies. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. It allows us to take full advantage of adrenaline to keep spawning our clone and dopplebanging to get our ase's. Build whatever you want, use whatever you want. This build doesn't have any comments yet. The Executor is an Operative Class Mod that boosts a lot of good skills but only if you manage to get a kill. About the Band of Sitorak: The Band of Sitorak is a Legendary Item in Borderlands 3. Ultimate Zane Build For Everything (TVHM and Mayhem Mode 4) One Punch Chump The one pump chump is a legendary shotgun found on Promethea. The Unstoppable is a goliath that will keep charging you and spawns in Tig’s Big Rig bandit camp there. This constantly procs the class mod which triggers all your kill skills and makes you a death machine. Additional Cryo Damage. It seems like the band of sitorak shield doesnt keep me alive very well. Here’s the build I am currently running with Zane in Mayhem 10, who was my primary boss-farmer until I figured out that FL4K could speed that process along even further. Borderlands 3 [PS4] Online Play and Trading Post. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet. Even better: if Blitz melee kills an enemy, the cooldown is instantly reset. Corrosive Redistributor with 50% shock ase (action skill end), Corrosive Ion cannon with 100% damage ase, Shock cutsman with ase next 2 mags corrosive, (These are the main weapons, any variation of elements and anointment's should be fine, build just benefits with more element/damage ase. This build was pretty powerful prior to the buffs to Zane, but will be even stronger now that he has gotten an update in a recent hotfix! 1.1. With that in mind, our Zane build makes him into a force to be reckoned with, that will have you running circles around enemies, dispatching them at lightning speed.” Source: N4G PC Borderlands 3 Zane Solo Build Guide As the shield will almost always be depleted, you will constantly have access to its bonus weapon damage and your Spiritual Driver will also benefit from its bonus movement speed. I have this on both the new Monarch AR and the Kaoson SMG, the latter of which I’m focused on for now for mob clearing. “Band of Sitorak” Pangolin Shield :) You’ll be farming the Unstoppable….. Travelling to the Ambermire, Eden 6. If there are 2 or more enemies close together your redistributor will absolutely shred anything nearby with the constant gun and banjo chaining. The synergy within this build comes from the survivability granted by freezing traits and triggering kill skills which will empower the Operative in return. You can do elemental damage after action skill for when your clone goes away if you want. $3.25. He’s also benefited the most from the new slew of anointments in this latest batch, due to one specifically that should now be the core of every build he has. Your goal is to keep your barrier up with the seeing dead class mod while spawning and detonating your clone to activate all your action skill ends. The Band of Sitorak gives you bonuses while your shield is depleted and your shield will go down pretty fast.

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