"button": { It helps to reduce the thickness of the component. We handle all major engineering processes that include Iron Castings, Aluminum Die castings, CNC Machining, sintering ,Welding and sheet metal fabrication.Our related commodities In-house tool room takes cares tooling needs of entire group and makesure on time development of products. Tamilnadu, India, +91-44-2688 0660|+91-44-2688 0460|+91 94440 66125|+91 95661 59900, ponengineers@gmail.com|info@ponengineers.com. Types Of Plants- Conveyorised / Dunk : The advantages of CED coating are as follows : Fully automatic operation, including the facility of controlling film thickness. The exact nature of a particular paint line and the specific equipment used is determined by the job to be done. Spray application uses a delivery system to bring powder to spray gun and a charging system to impart electrostatic charges, in most current corona charging systems for electrostatic application. FAST Heat up and EXCELLENT Temperature UNIFORMITY. Electroplating Plant,Phosphating Plant,Ced Coating Plant,Daily Production Process Report,Auto Transporter,Pre-programmed recipes, easy diagnostics, Plant Mimic, Daily Production Reports, Load wise Process Report and above all user friendly and trouble free operating systems. Process Control is used for the basic Monitor and Control of Process Parameters in Dip and Spray Pretreatment, Conversion Coating, CED, Liquid Painting, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Plating, Effluent Treatment and Water Treatment Plants. The e-coat process can be divided into these four distinct zones: Pretreatment Electro coat Bath and Ancillary Equipment Post Rinses Bake Oven The high quality of these coatings results from the typical characteristics of the coating process, ie moderate particle temperature and high kinetic energy [5]. Please check the solvent level (flow controller) of the tank and circulation rate for smooth CED coating and bubble free. 4.Conductivity is about 1545 micro Siemens/cm. Aluminum decorative plate, Aluminum wall panel, Aluminum cabinets, metal profiles, metal panels, metal curtain wall panels. Ravi. 3.pH is 6.25 (range from 5.9 to 6.3) Liquid industrial coatings are often applied on automated paint line. Here are a few of the advantages of outsourcing with PPG Coatings Services: Project Analysis: PPG Coatings Services will assist with development and then support the most effective process to meet and exceed the customer's goals. There are only very few mineral fillers that are working properly in EDP systems, one I know is called Sillitin. It is an immersion coating process used to apply a thin controlled coating on metal parts. The oven achieves perfect temperature uniformity. A. Dear Guides are also provided for the proper methods of applying these coatings, which also include enamels, varnishes, electroplatings, pigments, and solvents. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are based in India. A. Dear Manish 3: Although it may not possible to reduce the dip time in your system but my suggestion is to reduce the dip time any way; will save the cost & energy and also help to reduce the ED thickness. The quality of the paint application in automotive industry depends on several process parameters. A. Dear Manish 4) you should check the Actual current and voltage and ramp up time for your system. as a base color. It is exceptionally stress and crack resistant, with excellent dielectric properties as well. A. With its rich experience we are very much adaptive to the customer requirements to offer the best technical solutions at the most competitive price. Electrocoating: a Guidebook for Finishers 1.NV 14.67% ProcessCon Monitors and Controls Process Parameters in Pretreatment, CED, Liquid Painting, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Plating, Effluent Treatment & Water Treatment Plants. Cathodic electrodeposition (CED) process is one of the most important coating methods to protect electrically con-ductive substrates against corrosion. The systems I have worked on are quiet sensitive to temperature, so only modest changes will alter the thickness. Coating thickness was obtained in deposit up to 49 μm for different plating conditions. A. Dear Mr. Manish, 81, Kalyani Industrial Estate, Vanagaram Road, Athipet, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai - 600 058. I hope that you will further give your valuable suggestions to me. A discussion started in 2003 but continuing through 2020. A. Dear Manish, The ability to coat complex surface evenly allowing end users to maximize performance and minimize cost. This is the same problem I observed in my line . It can be welded and thermo formed mechanically resistant and ideally suited to environments, most efficient and cost effective tank design for your application, they are also chemical corrosion resistance. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Disclaimer: It's not possible to fully diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. Regards. A. e. By reducing the dipping time in CED bath. Process Control Coating characteristics, mainly film build, change as the operating parameters vary. Q. I'm working on a cathodic electrodeposition (CED) project. The most common type of conveyor for powder coating is the continuous speed, overhead system. Equipment: PPG Coatings Services can design, build and manage the coating application equipment for maximum efficiency specific to the customer’s product. 3.1. You need to check if the voltage displayed is the same as the voltage applied on the component. The process works on the principal of "Opposites Attract". The heating process also occurs with exceptional uniformity throughout the load. PON ENGINEERS PVT. It boasts of being one of the largest CED coating facilities in Pune district. A. Hope you will post the result of successful measure you have taken so far. Uniformity is easily controlled by PLC with SCR. Because I have the opposite problems from you.       Let me reduce the temperature to 25 °C. The water based spray ensures smooth, dirt free and precision coating of the object. or Reduce solvent level is only way to reduce DFT. Each powder coating system is unique in both design and application based on the specification the user provides to the powder equipment. How Google uses data when you visit this site. Hope this helps. Effects of plating parameters were studied methodically. I understand your parameters and I suggest you reduce the pH to 5.70 from 5.90~6.10 for reducing thickness ... because pH range is 5.10 to 6.10. The deposition thickness is related to the bath temperature, so by reducing this and keeping all other properties constant you will reduce the thickness. Dear Trevor, 5.Ratio F1 to F2 is 1:10, I also used the latest technology of ED Paint, which is Acrylic CED-Lead Free. 5. & Install'n Chemicals & Consumables Powder Coating is a method of applying a protective or decorative finish onto a manufactured product. As far as temperature is concerned our standard is 28-30° C. and I have reduced it to 27 from 30 but still the thickness is coming high and I am surprised that at lower voltage (140 V), low NVM(9.41 %) and low conductivity (960 ms), I am getting high thickness (26-32 microns). LTD. Offers customized solutions using the most up to date technologies. In our CED process, we are encountering a major paint problem poor E'coat deposition (dipping process) defect in the sill outer panel of the car body because of "rust" in the non-coverage area of coating. The flow of current creates opposite polarity between the working electrode, the part and causes the paint solids in the bath to deposit on the surface parts. The loading and unloading stages are where parts are put on and taken off the paint line. Reduce the electrode quantity and increase the distance in between the electrodes. To reduce dry film thickness we must concentrate on voltage (280-320), process time (120-130 secs), pH (5.8 to 6.0), conductivity(1200-1600), Meq-24to28, NVM-18 to 22, anolyte conductivity- 500 to 700, voltage rampup time has been separated to 3 stages (10,5,5), hold on (30,25,55), solvent%- 1 to 2. I understand your problem. It is crucial that this process be closely monitored and followed per the supplier's recommendations. Assuming your system is similar to the one I have used, there is no point in reducing the current because this automatically reduces to a very low value as the deposit thickens. 4: The concentration of electrodes are higher than dipped body area. window.addEventListener("load", function(){ d By reducing the voltage/current. Apart from being chemically resistant and mechanically durable, the technique is environment friendly. } 2. 1400). "palette": { • A good knowledge of Color Harmony between Body-to-Plastic Parts. 4. Infrared system often allows the throughput of powder coating line to be increased. Production schedule based on batch sizes and number of colors involved and projected production requirement for the future. by ALKALINE … "Handbook of Electropainting Technology" A. Pretreatment functions as a conversion coating for improved paint adhesion and performance. This enables the equipment supplier to design a system to exact specification for many years of utilization. CED PLANT STRUCTURE: The UNIT 1 is exclusively designed for CED Coating and is deployed with advanced systems to carry out the process as: (You're on the 1st page of this topic) In this case, many properties of the EDP - including the DFT - are getting worse. PON ENGINEERS Ageing ovens are designed to deliver rapid, complete ageing of every profile in every batch—translating into maximum profile quality. You want to control the outer DFT without disturbing any line condition. elements_selector: "iframe" The three major components of a paint line are pre treatment, application and cure. Q. Hello sirs I humbly feel that it's really a great time to interact with you wizards. You please reduce your anode no. CED is one of most popular process used in industry for the surface protection & corrosion resistance. Consult'g, Train'g, Software Environmental Compliance. you will get lower DFT if not cut it another half. Please check the Bacteria contamination or growth in CED bath, bacteria growth can lead to higher deposition. CED Painting Plant: Electrocoating, which is also referred to as electro deposition, electrophoretic deposition, CED Coating, CED Painting or electropainting, is an organic finishing process that uniformly applies thin-film primers and one-coat finishes to metallic substrates. Since I want to raise the thickness (now is about 20 micron) but the only difference parameter was conductivity of ED Bath whereas too high in mine. 3 REFURBISHMENT PROTECTIVE COATINGS FOR CONCRETE CONTENTS 04 Sika’s Life Cycle Assessment Approach 05 Sustainable Refurbishment of Cooling Towers 08 Proven Long-Term Durability 10 Concrete Structures and their Exposure 12 Key Stages in the Concrete Refurbishment Process 13 Sika Principles in Accordance with European Standard EN 1504 14 Assessment of Typical Causes and … This process is also known as Electro Deposition (ED). (standard is 1100 to Thus, finding an optimal solution based on experimental configuration is tedious and time consuming. A. Dear all, affil. I tried many times and got results: low pH can build low DFT. E-coating is a method of painting which uses electrical current to deposit the paint. I can't reduce the anolyte conductivity as on reducing this fungus/bacterial growth is taking place. For mild steel surface, the normal specification for anodic electro-coat process is that the coating system (PT + AED) should pass 600h of salts spray tests (with 20µm primer thickness) while for cathodic electro-coat system (PT + CED) with similar thickness of primer film, the coating system should pass a minimum of 1000h of salts spray test. Treatment Process in Ultra-High Strength Dual Phase Steels Using a Multivariate Model Patricia Costa 1, *, Gerardo Altamirano 2 , Armando Salinas 1 , David S. González-González 3 new LazyLoad({ })}); Not a lecture hall but a roundtable with a seat for you! PON-E curing oven are known to be best, unique and convenient design technical supremacy, structural integrity and high tech specification. You should must ask your supplier for that. Plasma power and substrate traverse number during deposition play an important role in the plasma spray coating process and affect the final properties of the coatings. I can't reduce the dipping time in bath as I have some restriction. Following steps may help you to overcome this problem: Vac-pumping twice and hold on for 3-5 minute, and then, to pull out metal material. 2: Reduce the solvent percentage; So assume that it's the same as you have. Please check the Solvent level of the bath and co relate with the production trend You may be feeding the bath in the higher rate , that means your bath will be fresh and that's why you are getting high DFT. The coating material is a water based solution that is applied by dipping the parts into a paint filled tank and applying electrical current to create a flow from a set of electrodes to the part. If the filler is not dispersed properly, you will find agglomerates that are actually much larger than the original particle size of the filler. 1500A 40V IGBT WATER TREATMENT POWER SUPPLY. Please check the applied voltage which is shown by the rectifier & increase the bath conductivity ,reducing the bath temp. 1. from Paint protects surfaces from weathering effects of the atmosphere and actions of other chemicals, provides pleasing, colourful and decorative appearances. Maximum working temperature up to 300˚C and forced air circulation. Thanks again for your suggestion. CED is one of most popular process used in industry for the surface protection & corrosion resistance. However, reduce the number of anodes, or cover the membrane from bottom side. Our system is the latest one. Two dimensional parts with a uniform wall thickness, such as powder coated aluminium or steel panels are the simplest to heat using infrared radiation. link Secondly, to put power coated metal into film with sealed sides. c. By reducing the NVM. The data parameter from my process are : 1.NV 14.67% 2.Coating voltage is 140 V (range 80 to 160 V) 3.pH is 6.25 (range from 5.9 to 6.3) Zirconia, alumina, zirconia/alumina composite coatings on stainless substrate were prepared by a gas tunnel type plasma spray system to investigate the effects of these parameters on the coating. In my opinion may the conductivity of ED bath is too low. thanks. Currently I'm getting paint thickness in the range of 25-32 microns.I want to reduce this thickness up to 18-20 microns. Especially the dispersion behavior of the fillers affect the DFT very much. Yes I am using the same system that you are using there. "text": "#237afc" The coating material is a water based solution that is applied by dipping the parts into a paint filled tank and applying electrical current to create a flow from a set of electrodes to the part. take into account the critical parameters of the process, so that they can be adjusted, individually or together, to the process, so as to fulfil the manufacturer’s product requirements. The parts are heated using re-circulated air and then held at temperature convection is especially effective in aluminium processing because of the very high thermal conductivity. Srinivasan. Alternatively, reduce the voltage; this will also reduce the thickness. "background": "#237afc" Voltage and SpecificationsTemperature pH Conductivity Solvent Content Solids P/B UF Flux Rate Are these parameters monitored and controlled? Best Regards We provide Complete Solutions for Powder Coating Systems such as Manual or Automatic Powder Coating Plants. }, At such parameters still you are getting high DFT, so please check Anode:Cathode it around 1:4 if it's less than this then increase it with isolating/disconnecting some anode. The internet is largely anonymous & unvetted; some names may be fictitious and some recommendations might be harmful. Abe Books The actual layout and specific equipment vary widely but all paint lines have the same general stages: loading area, pretreatment or cleaning stage, curing stage and unloading area. Nobody can help you; just change the paint supplier. Our ageing ovens feature high-volume air systems that bring loads to temperature quickly. by W. Machu Also the flow properties are affected negatively by a bad dispersion. Good wood feel and nature look. I feel sorry to say that the CED you are using have very low rupture limit. ... plant location, quality parameters. "popup": { The company was started in the year 2008 in Mumbai, Maharashtra by Mr. Walter Rebello and Mr. Kailash More, having a vast experience in e-coating and metal finishing technology. Changing the bath chemistry is not a wise way to proceed because you are altering an established system and unless you know exactly what you are doing, you will cause a lot of future problems. It's also true that my trial can damage our system and can create future problems but I love to do trial because without trial we cannot come to a conclusion. [last name deleted for privacy by Editor], ©1995-2021 finishing.com, Inc., Pine Beach, NJ, How Google uses data when you visit this site. All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer. 2005. • Handling technical issues on line CED process. or. If you are unable to control the thickness, the problem may lie elsewhere. Infrared curing systems offer many advantages over traditional heat source. Thanks for your valuable suggestions. I can't reduce the NVM as it is already on lower side (standard is 12-14 %). Regards. I'm running an ultrafiltration unit and also using DI water of < 5 microsiemens conductivity. Through vacuum system, the pattern of heat transfer film, including wood grain, marble, and other etc., will be transferred on the surface of metal (Aluminum profile). from A. Dear Manish, Please check calibration of displays & DFT meter etc, then change any variable one by one and note the impact/ results. new LazyLoad(); Most of the Auto OEM's & ancillaries are our extremely satisfied customers for the CED paint shop requirements. Since we do not have an idea of the proprietary process you are using, some of these suggestions may validate the process. In this case you can cover the anode cells simply with the PVC pipe of good quality (Quality in the sense of Good Chemical Resistance). The pretreatment stage is where the parts are prepared for the coating application stage. • Conducting inspections of various industrial coating parameters. Thirdly, into vacuum system. The experimental input data set and the response were evaluated by mean effect studies and S/N ratio analysis to identify the significances of process parameters using MINITAB 16 software. Please check the pH is per your supplier's standard. Powder coating materials are finely ground particles of pigments resins, binders, fillers and hardens. b. The intense energy generated by the infrared source cures the thin layer of powder coating very quickly without heating products. The zinc electroplating process can be used to coat nuts, bolts, washers and automotive parts, such as interior components and gas filters. The knowledge of such parameters is EEIPL had strong experience in executing the CED projects for various customers pan India. 2003 but continuing through 2020. Your throw power will not affect after doing this (Kindly check up with the paint supplier). PON-E CED / ED Coating Plants. One other way of reducing the DFT of your EDP is in choosing mineral fillers with a very fine particle size, good dispersion properties and good flow properties. Electro coat systems are highly automated and provide exceptional correction protection with modest environmental emissions like other surface coating process. Surfin Process Engineering Team has vast experience of designing and commissioning of more than 30 Electro-Deposition Lines. Yes it's true that standard voltage requirement is 230-250 volts but I'm operating at 160 V because I thought it will help me in reducing the thickness. 1: Conductivity of Anolyte seems to be very high as 2500 micro Siemens; decrease gradually as 2400-2300-2200....... It can range from a simple spray booth with a batch oven for cure to a fully automated system that allows continuous pre treatment, application and curing. Aluminium will accept heat virtually as fast as it can be delivered via will be optimized. The important parameters for the success of this process are: The film thickness; The rate constants on the applied voltage, bath temperature and resin concentration in the electrodeposition bath; The deposition parameters have been known to have a great effect on the cathodic electrodeposition process and the protective properties of the coatings. I do not know what you mean by operating at 140 V although the "standard is 250-300 V", so perhaps you can elucidate. A. Dear Manish, They can be used for various applications, powder curing, paint drying, rubber curing etc. It often happens that due to cost reasons, producers change the mineral filler included in the original formulation to a cheaper grade locally available. For CED line that have high turn over set MeQ value in maximum specification. 3) You should increase the P/b Ratio of your system. CarryOver In addition to Process Monitor & Control, Loss of chemicals from Tank to Tank due to Parts, Process can be calculated using "CarryOver" app. Product advantages:. It is an immersion coating process used to apply a thin controlled coating on metal parts. EEIPL had strong experience in executing the CED projects for various customers pan India. Pon Engineers Pvt Ltd offers Electro Coating Technology which is continuously relied upon to meet the challenges of today’s competitive surface finishing market. Information should always include All part dimensions, Line speed, Film builds requirement, Type of hooks, Conveyor height, dimensions of space provided for system installation. CED bath parameters : pH 5.90-6.10 Conductivity 960 micro Siemens. Pon Engineers Pvt Ltd offers Conveyorised Powder Coating Systems are designed for higher volume operations. Paint is a coating material in liquid form which when applied to a surface, dries or hardens to form an adherent film that protects, decorates or add a special feature to the surface. Increase the P/B ratio and change the permeate water (25% permeate in two days time and do this step in four times). The change should be economical, not increase the wastage of energy or material. Paint can be applied by spray method using conventional hand held spray guns, automatic spray guns. window.cookieconsent.initialise({ My bath conductivity is already on lower side but still thickness is not coming low. A study of the influence of the most important parameters in a CED process for paint coating is shown below. CarryOver is used for the basic Monitor and Control of process Parameters in Dip & Spray Pretreatment, Conversion Coating, CED, Liquid Painting, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Plating, Effluent Treatment and Water Treatment Plants. Environmental protection, no dust, no paint, no drugs or paint and volatile chemical composition, Waterproof, resistant to moisture, wear, corrosion resistance, Simple to use neat, efficient. Belt conveyor, Chain-on-edge conveyor and overhead conveyor are used in powder coating systems. : there are several way to reduce DFT -- Generally rupture limit of CED is more the equal to 350 volt. Cathodic electrodeposition (CED) process is one of the most important coating methods to protect electrically conductive substrates against corrosion. A. I have used electrophoretic paint in the past and found that the thickness of the cathodic electrodeposit could be controlled by either the temperature or the voltage. Proper design and construction are the first steps towards a successful and profitable powder coating system. Thanking you. 1)What is the Anode : cathode ratio I can't go for this option. Closed loop rinsing allows transfer efficiency in excess at 95%, with dramatically reduced waste water streams. Finally, if these two changes do not reduce the thickness to your needs, you have to reduce the processing time. So you can maintain pH within 5.50~5.70. By reducing the bath conductivity by Electrocoat Association As the powder passes through the electrostatic field, it picks up a charge and is attracted to a ground substrate.

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