EVEN WHEN THEY GOT OUT THEY HAD NO WHERE TO GO. The “Central Park Five,” as PBS documentarian Ken Burns has dubbed them, aren’t exactly Emmett Till (as Burns would have you believe). The media treated them as guilty and villainized them. Yes they were in the park. The Central Park 5 were found guilty of raping a woman in Central Park in 1989. None of those assaulted identified these 5 as the assailants. However for me personally....those crimes do not come close to what the justice system did to them and the MEDIA as well. A coereced confession is truly worthless. On April 19, 1989, a woman jogging in Central Park was raped and nearly beaten to death. There were also many young kids who participated. On Oct. 5, 1978, less than six months after Fairstein cut the deal, 24-year-old Cindy Pintos was found shot to death at nine months pregnant. They came out of prison as felons and registered sex offenders. The miniseries tells the story of the Central Park Five, five young men of color who were wrongly accused of raping and beating a woman in Central Park 1989. And many are forced to pick sides to protect themselves. Alongside coerced confessions, it's also possible to induce false memories in people. Rising. I think if the cops were feeding them info as is so often claimed, the boys confessions would have indicated as much. This is about 10 blocks south of where the rape occurred. New Netflix mini-series When They See Us … He is already serving a life sentence so why would he lie about this crime and who was with him. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Trump's role:Ava DuVernay lets Trump 'speak for himself' in Central Park Five series 'When They See Us' Trump played a role in the controversy, spending $85,000 … 9:57. Top. There is video footage on you tube of them being interviewed the night they were arrested with guardians there and they are specifically asked if they are okay, if they have been fed and if they want food or something to drink. Same thing happened to them about a coerced confession. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 13 years after Trisha Meili was attacked in Central Park, with four of the Central Park Five out of prison, convicted serial rapist Matias Reyes came forward in 2002 as her attacker. Netflix's "When They See Us" reminds viewers how Donald Trump called for the death penalty for teenagers in the 1989 Central Park Five case. Starved. The Central Park jogger case (events also referenced as the Central Park Five case) was a criminal case in the United States over the aggravated assault and rape of a white woman jogging through the park (her name was leaked by some media outlets and she publicly revealed herself in a 2003 memoir) during a series of reported attacks in Manhattan's Central Park on April 19, 1989. They were also found guilty of attempted murder, assault, robbery, and rioting, for this attack and other attacks in the park that night. Press J to jump to the feed. His confession was the one that tied all of it together and he only went to the station to be with his friend. ABSOLUTELY NOT. A Netflix series on the Central Park 5 is making it even stronger. WSJ Opinion - Netflix’s False Story of the Central Park Five At about 9 p.m. April 19, 1989, a large group of young men gathered on the corner of 110th Street and Fifth Avenue for the purpose of robbing and beating innocent people in Central Park. How do you explain him getting charged for this? In 2002, a man named Matias Reyes contacted authorities to state that he alone had attacked and raped the jogger. For op-eds and minor political news, visit /r/politics. They only called two of the assault victims at trial. I love this sweet excerpt she was quoted in: “The truth about my participation can be proved in the pages of public records and case documents,” she said in her letter to the chairman of Vassar’s board. Is that the one about the terror suspect from Lodi? In all, 37 suspects were interviewed and several of them named members of the Central Park 5 in the attacks. For starters... the difference between going to prison for an assault and going to prison for being a convicted rapist is huge. Quite frankly, I find your post ignorant and telling. The study reviewed nearly 2,000 … I'm tired. card classic compact. How would you feel watching them collect 41 million from the city of new york where you aren't even contacted and then they get paraded around as heroes, while you still suffer physical pain every day from their actions? For a subreddit without US news, visit /r/worldnews. 2. Now, Santana is, per his Instagram bio, an “Activist, fighter, designer, owner (@parkmadisonnyc ) speaker, father, historian, lover……..” Santana’s clothing company, Park Madison NYC,“constructs lifestyle collections for the rebellious and chic outcast who level… I will just say that for raymond, anton, kevin, and korey... all of their parents were in the room when they gave their taped confessions. If Reyes had never come forward, their lives would be forever changed. We just happened to be out in the park the night of this horrible crime. Well I bet they did until they dropped her. Two other joggers were beaten unconscious and left in pools of their own blood. This piece is about a really disturbing case where several people falsely confessed to a murder they didn't commit (as later proven via DNA), but the act of repeatedly confessing turned into manufactured memories that some of them still have decades later. Forced out of infirmary after being beat to death into solitary to protect him from other inmates meaning a solid 40% of his time behind bars was spent in a deteriorated mental and physical condition. In 2002, 13 years after the Central Park attack and with four of the Central Park Five out of prison, convicted serial rapist Matias Reyes came forward and said he was Meili's sole attacker. Yousef lied about his age and provided id to back his claim. Central Park Five prosecutor claims Netflix series defames her. Its easy to make accusations 20 years after the fact. https://www.pbs.org/video/frontline-the-confessions/. In the spring of 1989, five boys of color are arrested, interrogated and coerced into confessing to the vicious attack of a woman in Central Park. The Central Park Five is an opera that remains talked about today even more than 30 years after the initial events occurred. Press J to jump to the feed. I think it's sad that these boys were convicted of a crime they did not commit, but they were also convicted of crimes they did commit. When the Central Park Five stood trial the following year for the attack on Trisha Meili, local black newspapers were quick to denounce the court proceedings as a series of racist charades. The motion to vacate those convictions acknowledges that the five had admitted to and been implicated in all of the other assaults, but since they were tried at the same time as the rape, this new info could possibly have swayed a jury. Anton McCray was most certainly beating people with a pipe. Santana went so far to say as he and seven other kids devised the plan to enter the park and attack whoever they encountered. /r/news isn't for: editorials, political minutiae, commercials, shouting, Justin Bieber updates, or kitty pictures. The Central Park Five were accused of assaulting and raping a white female jogger in 1989. Five teenagers of color, ages 14 to 16, were convicted of the crime. Photo Credit: Dennis J. Freeman HOLLYWOOD-On a searing hot summer night in 1989, a white woman was nearly raped to death in New York’s famed Central Park. Lawrence Wright's Remembering Satan deals with similar issues as well, and is worth a read. The Central Park Five sat down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss the Netflix series When They See Us, in Oprah Winfrey Presents: When They See Us Now. Santana’s father was at work when his confession was given and his grandmother wasn’t in the room with him. In 1989, after five teenagers were arrested for the rape of a woman in Central Park, Donald Trump took out an ad in The New York Times calling for the death penalty. Sird1946. Raymond and kevin however did lead detectives to the spot of the crime. In December of 2002, the DA decided to vacate all of the convictions against the 5 men convicted in the rape. A month later, a … In 1989, after five teenagers were arrested for the rape of a woman in Central Park, Donald Trump took out an ad in The New York Times calling for the death penalty. Little, if any mention, of these other crimes is even made. Yeah, let's totally believe them.... all the cops, prosecutors, victims and whoever else... they are all just lying fucking liars. The Central Park Five didn't match the victim's descriptions. The Central Park Five sat down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss the Netflix series When They See Us, in Oprah Winfrey Presents: When They See Us Now. The victims of the assaults and robberies testified that they didn't recognize the defendants. Most cops wouldn't have even bothered collecting samples for DNA tests … The CP5 have now entered the martyrology of the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC). I also would take whatever their lawyer says with a certain of salt. He never gave a taped confession. We need to hold our law enforcement and justice system and media to higher standard and this was unacceptable and they are the ones to blame for this . visit /r/inthenews. It’s especially funny considering just last week her response to the documentary Netflix show (sorry, it was early when I wrote that) was that her and her publisher still have great relations and that the publisher supports her in this. (The media always gets a pass they are as corrupt as anyone) . I always wondered if they had attacked a woman here and figured this was the same woman the police were taking about. They were held without a parent, food or water for 24+ hours and fed lies about each other to coerce FALSE confessions. When Bill de Blasio was elected New York City mayor in 2014 he ordered the $41 million settlement to go through for the five men. Put yourselves in their shoes enduring that trial and seeing those corrupt cops lie on the stand and ultimately being sent to jail for a grotesque crime you did not commit. Defenders of the Central Park Five likewise point out that no traces of DNA from the boys' hair, sweat, saliva, or skin had been found on the victim either. Real news articles covering both the United States and the rest of the world. So now we just take these kids words as gospel? The story of the five black and Latino teenagers from Harlem who were wrongly convicted of raping a white woman in New York City's Central Park in 1989. The premise: Ava DuVernay (Selma, 13th) co-wrote and directed all four episodes of this limited series about the infamous Central Park Five, in which five … I absolutely still feel terrible for them to be charged and labeled as a RAPIST for so many years and still have people calling them rapists till this day . The five of us, who have become known as the Central Park Five, didn't even know each other before we were arrested. Salaam's appeal argued that he couldn't have been involved in the rape since he could not have made it to that area of the park since he was assaulting somebody else. Spark some discussions! Netflix's new series about the Central Park Five,When They See Us, follows the journeys of five teenagers wrongly accused of a terrible crime. Sorry .long ... spelling errors everywhere. The city of New York released thousands of documents from the 1989 Central Park rape case last week, provoking more weeping and gnashing of … The Central Park Jogger case was recently settled for $41 million dollars to the five men convicted in the brutal rape of a twenty-eight year … His DNA was matched to the scene. The candidate talks a lot about respecting law and order. Hot. They were also found guilty of attempted murder, assault, robbery, and rioting, for this attack and other attacks in the park that night. All of them are saying the same thing. New. With Asante Blackk, Caleel Harris, Ethan Herisse, Marquis Rodriguez. Log In Sign Up. I believe so without a doubt . New York’s legal system unequivocally declared the Central Park Five’s innocence in 2002. On the night of April 19, 1989, Trisha Meili went for a jog in Central Park. And a big warning, one of the first things they show are the bodies. we can both agree on that . Hard enough for a felon to get a job and place to live but then adding sex offender to the list on top of that ..no one wants to hire you or give you a place to stay (rightfully so to those who are guilty). Follow. Part One 64m. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. This article is more than 1 year old. All of these joggers described their attackers as a large gang of teenagers. With Central Park, New York City’s most famous park, measuring at 843 acres, you could easily be deceived into thinking that it is the city’s largest park. They didn’t match the descriptions of the people causing the “riot” They didn’t get arrested for assault crimes like others not involved in the rape case that occurred the same night. How would you feel watching their conviction for nearly killing you get thrown out without so much as a hearing. By: CNN Wire Posted at 1:19 AM, Sep 06, 2014 . “But that has not been apparent to those embracing the mob mentality that now dominates social media, any more than it was considered by the rashly irresponsible filmmaker.”, https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/06/arts/television/linda-fairstein-when-they-see-us.html. and last updated 2014-09-06 01:20:14-04. Let's say beyond a reasonable doubt that all 5 commited assault and robbery. If … They struggled hard to readjust to society because of something that wasn’t their fault. They were just kids man. A prosecutor of the men known as the “Central Park Five” has claimed a new Netflix series about their rape conviction and exoneration defames her … I’d be more impressed if the publisher had stood by her. I highly recommend looking into the West Memphis Three. Raymond Santana talked about beating a guy in a camouflage coat before the police even knew of that crime. These are the names of the Central Park Five, a group of young men … The Central Park Five (2012) Full Movie New - Daily Motion. Ask yourself this...if these kids beat you to a pulp and left you to die with multiple skull fractures.... how would you feel watching a show that doesn't acknowledge that at all. Linda Fairstein was the head of the Manhattan District sex crimes unit from 1976-2002. Parties are bound to have bad apples. It's terrifying how easy it is to get a false confession, especially when it involves kids. The Central Park Five r/ CentralParkFive. 1. The bicyclists who reported having been harassed and robbed described the assailants as Hispanic and at least 17. New York’s legal system unequivocally declared the Central Park Five’s innocence in 2002. Reyes confessed to it and knew details that only the attacker would know. r/CentralParkFive: Central Park Five. There were many incidents in the park that night including harassment of joggers, bicyclists and homeless. Kevin’s sister signed the paper and confession so he could go home. This is not true, they were not held without their parents or food for 24 hours. The documentary "The Central Park 5" and the new Netflix show "When They See Us," depict these kids as teenagers just having a good night out in the park who were wrongfully accused and railroaded by racists cops and district attorneys. The police didn't even try to look for the rapist, it was just easier to link these young boys on the basis of a "hunch" which ultimately stole their childhood. Do you know how hard it is to make a living on strict curfews and schedules as a felon? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I see so much misinformation repeated as fact so often so I guess their lawyers have done a very good job of getting people to believe alternate history. 5 years ago | 2.2K views. As for the "he joined a gang" thing - please consider that 1) HE SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN AT RIKER'S IN THE FIRST PLACE (why aren't you outraged at the dirty cops?!) During their parole hearings Santana, McCray, and Richardson admitted their participation in all the assaults that did not involve the jogger. Korey Wise’s $190,000 contribution -- and the interest generated by a Netflix miniseries -- means the project can really help others who have been wrongly convicted Hot New Top Rising. If they they are found guilty of those crimes they absolutely deserve every bit of their time given in prison(for those crimes,assault etc). And what about how where she was raped the tracks only indicated one person? One of the 5, Raymond Santana identified one jogger, John Loughlin, by his distinctive camouflage coat before detectives knew of the crime at all. Please reply to this comment with either 'popular' or 'unpopular', I here your point so for the sake of civil discussion let's talk. I don't know where PCT24 is getting this. He said he had nothing to do with any other assaults that night. No one was accused of having attempted to murder anyone other than the jogger. Based on the true story. And now to be very upset and watch Dreams of Ada again. Published 6 September 2014. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Based on the true story. The new Netflix series, This Is How They See Us, perpetuates the myth, which began circulating about 17 years ago, that the so-called “Central Park Five” (CP5) are innocent of the notoriously brutal attack on “the Central Park Jogger,” Trisha Meili, that occurred in 1989. Archived Stickied post. Yusef mother walked in and stoped him. By their own admission, even after their release from prison, they were participants in multiple attacks throughout the park that night. This notion that these were innocent little kids seems crazy to me. Korey was 16 years old with the mental process of a 12 year old. In the Central Park Five case, only the confessions were recorded on video—not the dozens of hours of interrogation that led to the confessions. Raymond Santana, now 44, was 14 years old when he was arrested in 1989. Vera Farmiga, John … and 2) In prisons like Riker's, it's all about power. 1. They were coerced into confessions out of fear. Judge approves $41M civil rights settlement for Central Park 5. 5.4k votes, 651 comments. He ended up spending seven years in prison for the case. I think most of us would think all of these crimes were related, especially when you have multiple witnesses describing a mob of boys and placing these boys in that mob. Yes people were beat up and robbed but no they did not commit the rape of that women. DuVernay’s telling of the tale focuses on the boys and their experiences. Antwon’s father made him tell them what they wanted to hear so he can go home. They both couldn't identify their attackers but they didn't exclude the cp5. 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