Märzen 6.3% ABV 26 IBU. We are a Bavarian-style beer hall located just two blocks from Grand Central, serving authentic German cuisine and bier by the boot since 2011! Experience a piece of Bavarian lifestyle in the heart of the capital. In our exclusive … This year, for obvious reasons, Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, has been canceled The same lager beer Hofbräu serves at its large Oktoberfest tent (holds 10,000 people) in Munich. In fact, the Hofbräu brewery has only participated in Oktoberfest since 1955, and the current beer tent as you know it was born in 1972. Round 1—Duck Rabbit vs. Hofbräu vs. Nashville Brewing Company. Each brews a special beer for the Oktoberfest with a higher alcohol percent­age (6%, as opposed to 5%), and runs a major beer tent. See all Würzburger Hofbräu beers with descriptions and ABV. Order now online or through the app and have beer, wine & liquor delivered. Only beers brewed within Munich city limits under the German purity laws can be served at Oktoberfest. Hofbräu Oktoberfest. Enjoy typical german dishes and the original Hofbräu Beer from Munich in liter barrels while you listen to traditional bavarian live music or make yourself comfortable in the sunny beer-garden directly at Alexanderplatz and watch live football. You can sometimes find the Hofbräu beer horses in front of the Hofbräuhaus (the massive beer hall near the Marienplatz, not the Oktoberfest beer tent) and the Spaten beer ponies at the Spaten brewery (on Marsstraße ⇠ that’s the street name) and probably some others but I can’t personally confirm that at this point. Sign In . by Tom Smillie | Beer Reviews, Blonde Ale, Germany, Hofbräuhaus (München), Märzen / Oktoberfest, Mug, Pint Glass | 0 comments. Hofbräu Wirtshaus Berlin. Down Under in Lederhosen. For this occasion, Hofbräu brews a rich, full-bodied beer which goes down ideally with traditional Bavarian cuisine. Hofbräu brews a rich, full-bodied beer which goes down ideally with traditional Bavarian cuisine. The beer has a head, but by the time it is served, it has settled and the beer will be exactly one liter. München, Germany. Copyright © 2021 Beers of Europe Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The actual Oktoberfest in Munich has gotten das boot for 2020, but South Florida’s bars, breweries and German-American clubs are still competing to fill your beer steins in October. As unique as the Oktoberfest itself! SKU. The Hofbräu-Festzelt. Learn more. Add my business, Become a BeerMenus Craft Cultivator! At 6.3% ABV, the Oktoberfest beer from Hofbräu is the highest in alcohol. Fall Seasonal. 18th October 2018. Taste a freshly draught Hofbräu beer directly from the beer tank… Find out more „Beer stories“ Our Winterzwickl - Harmonious enjoyment for the cold season... Tell me more. The beer is made with both Herkules and … Of course, the most popular folk festival in the world wouldn't be complete without a very special beer: Hofbräu Oktoberfest beer is a full-bodied, bottom-fermented specialty beer. Get the best deals on all take home drafts in Brooklyn and get a FREE growler too! Since 1955, the marquee of Hofbräu Munich is at the Oktoberfest and quickly became the meeting place for all fans of Bavarian beer culture. I'm reading that if we get there around noon, we should be able to find 2 seats. It was first celebrated in 1810 and the occasion was a royal wedding that took place on October 12 – the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Invest in your future with our unique drinking, dining and entertainment experience. Oktoberfest at Hofbräu Wirtshaus on Speersort, Hamburg. Experience pure Oktoberfest atmosphere with us 365 days a year! Between centuries of tradition and state-of-the-art brewing, from the Oktoberfest to Las Vegas – our beers are not only enjoyed in Munich, but all over the world. Tasting notes from the Beverage Testing Institute: Brioche, toasted nut, lemon, and clay aromas follow through on a lively entry to a dryish Medium-full body with plush carbonation and baked apple and citrus accent. Malty, musty, and … Oktoberfest is a folk fest. “The Munich Beer Festival, or Oktoberfest, is an event of superlatives – it’s the largest popular festival in the world, staging in the beer metropolis of Munich. Lalo Elizalde 56,070 views HOFBRAU OKTOBERFESTBIER 5L. The Beer: Paulaner is marketed as the “youngest” brewery at Oktoberfest — founded by monks in 1634. This product was created especially for this event and is brewed for the Oktoberfest, now the largest beer festival in the world. Basket (0) / £0.00. Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier is a Lager - Märzen / Oktoberfest style beer brewed by Hofbräuhaus München in München, Germany. Of the big six Munchner breweries, only one can lay claim to royal heritage, much like the festival it partakes in. In the early 17th century, to save on the cost of production, the Duke of Bavaria moved the brewery to Munich from Einbeck, where it was previously brewed.However the removal of Hofbrau from the Northern territory caused uproar from the barons, therefore the first ‘bock’ was created under the Hofbrau name and it finally became a marketable product in the country. X. Over the next two centuries, with an exclusive right to brew bock beers, Hofbrau became a household name and one of the biggest producers of beer in the country. The modern Maßkrug is slightly larger than 1 litre, with a Füllstrich denoting the level to which the beer must be filled to allow room for its head to expand. Below are the details of each round of tastings and the final medal winners. At the second largest festive tent at the Oktoberfest in Munich there is, besides the famous barley juice, the Oktoberfest-beer, another classic. Duck Rabbit Märzen (Farmville, NC) 4.6% ABV. Enjoy our beautiful open air patio with greenery, umbrellas, Oktoberfest style benches and more. PLEASE NOTE: Last Orders for Guaranteed shipping before Christmas is Midday Wednesday 19th December. Millions of visitors from all over the world flock along every year to enjoy its very special atmosphere. Not technically a Oktoberfest beer but it is a märzen. Bierhaus NYC is brought to you through the love of Oktoberfest & Hofbräu bier. Available at very few places nearby. If you’re traveling solo or with a small group, people will usually let you stand near their table so that you can order. Kufflers Weinzelt. The spirit of Bavaria has made its mark across the U.S. We proudly serve authentic German brews, food and offer live entertainment in multiple unique locations, ranging from large restaurants typical of what you’d experience in Munich, to express restaurants offering quick … Hofbräu brews a rich, full-bodied beer which goes down ideally with traditional Bavarian cuisine. Hofbräu is one of the largest tests, filled with 10,000 Wiesn patrons. It has been at the Oktoberfest since 1955, and the current tent was built in 1972. Hofbräu beer is imported directly from the brewery in Munich, Germany or micro brewed according to the Purity Law of 1516. If this selection of worldwide Oktoberfests doesn’t answer the above question, don’t despair, there are literally hundreds around the world, from smaller Oktoberfest parties organised by hotels and German embassies to dedicated organisations and clubs throwing their own authentic German beer fest. The strongest Wiesn beer is the Hofbräu beer… If you happen to be near Nashville, be sure to attend this year’s festival, which is now underway (and runs through Sunday). or Experience 365 days in pure Oktoberfest atmosphere with us! Marzen/Oktoberfest. Collect 14.5 Loyalty Points from this purchase. Free UK delivery available. The official Oktoberfest-hat with the original HB-logo! Hofbräu Oktoberfest. We are there for you every day from 9:00 am to midnight and look forward to your visit. Not available for online purchase. Tel: 01553 812000 . Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier is a Lager - Märzen / Oktoberfest style beer brewed by Hofbräuhaus München in München, Germany. All the other Oktoberfest breweries fall somewhere in between: Spatenbräu at 5.9%, Paulaner and Augustiner with 6.0% and Löwenbräu with 6.1% alcohol. What to Drink at Oktoberfest. It may be overcrowded (like Nashville itself), but it’s a damn good time. Jun 19, ... Hofbräu-Festzelt. BEER TYPE. When summer turns to fall, our thoughts turn to Märzen-style lagers and the beer event that celebrates the style. Save time—automatically create your print menu with one click. Add your business, list your beers, bring in your locals. An overview of the large tents. Hofbrau Oktoberfest. For them and all other guests, several wreaths made of 12 hundredweight hop vines from the Holledau region are placed under the roof every year. The Munich Hofbräuhaus is open 365 days à year. Hofbräu imports the same beer, from the same batches that are made for its own tent at the Oktoberfest. Last update: 01-19-2021. Get Hofbrau Oktoberfest – Oktoberfest or Marzen European Amber Lager delivered near you in 30 minutes. The Munich Beer Festival, or Oktoberfest, is an event of superlatives - it's the largest popular festival in the world, staging in the beer metropolis of Munich. Breweries make special beer for Oktoberfest, which has a higher alcohol percentage, usually around 6,5 percent. We use cookies to ensure that you receive the best experience possible whilst you use our website. Wishlist . We welcome you directly at the Alexanderplatz with hearty meals, original Hofbräu beer from Munich, live music and waitresses in real costume. The tent has an area of 5,084 m² and 4,460 seats (plus 1,436 on the balcony) and 1,000 non-seating tables only inside. Sacramento (Arden) Nearby … BRAND. Search. COUNTRY. The Oktoberfest (German pronunciation: [ɔkˈtoːbɐˌfɛst]) is the world's largest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair).Held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, it is a 16- to 18-day folk festival running from mid- or late September to the first Sunday in October, with more than six million people from around the world attending the event every year. The lowest alcohol content comes from Hacker Pschorr with 5.8%. The indoor capacity of 7,000 is second largest of the Oktoberfest tents. Steph Fox. Order now online or through the app and have beer, wine & liquor delivered. The Hofbräu-Festzelt. With its deliciously bitter taste and alcoholic content of 6.3% volume, Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier is as special as the Beer Festival itself. Hofbräu Beer Tent. Oktoberfest is the largest annual folk fest and beer festival in the world. The Beer. Registered Office: Garage Lane | Setchey | King's Lynn | Norfolk | PE33 0BE | Company Number: 04101517 | VAT Number: 759978931, Ets Guillet Frères SA - Cidrerie Kerisac (Agrial). The Hofbräu tent at the Oktoberfest is known for its lively atmosphere. The Staatliches Hofbräuhaus in München (public Royal Brewery in Munich, also Hofbräu München) is a brewery in Munich, Germany, owned by the Bavarian state government. Hofbrauhaus of America Import 2560 Anthem Village Drive • Suite 140 • Henderson, NV 89052 The concept behind the brew was to only brew enough beer for the Royal Court, hence the name. There are 14 tents at Oktoberfest representing 6 breweries: Augustiner-Bräu, Hacker-Pschorr-Bräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner, Spatenbräu, and Staatliches Hofbräu-München.

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