Custom Frames & Sizes. Feel the magic with the splendor of this remarkable & stunningly beautiful hand-made Krishna Radha artwork from India. Opaque watercolor and gold on paper. Place of Origin. Painting, opaque watercolour on paper, depicting Krishna fluting in a tree having stolen the clothes of the gopis(cow-girls) bathing in the stream beneath. The painting presents Krishna surrounded by Gopies singing and dancing on the back of river Yamuna. The circle is composed of seven gopis (cow maidens ) and seven figures of Krishna. This lyrical painting from the hill state of Kangra shows Krishna surrounded by his adoring gopis or cow maidens.Whenever the beautiful blue-skinned god played his flute— shown in his left hand—the gopis dropped everything and rushed to him. Gopis Pleasing Krishna, Hindu Water Color Painting On PaperArtist: Kailash Raj. Sep 9, 2016 - 206 Likes, 5 Comments - Kurt Behrendt (@kurt.behrendt) on Instagram: “Krishna with Gopis, India, Basohli, ca 1730, attributed to Manaku, Indian National Museum 51.207/26…” This painting is an exquisite work of art that depicts Lord Krishna and his favorite gopi (‘cow-herding maiden’) Radha surrounded by her friends while seated on the swing of love. Krishna is fluting at the center of a circle of dancers. It is supposed that it was painted for a private patron Malini. One cow is in the background. The Kangra Miniature paintings affiliated with the Pahari School had made a notable contribution to the 18th century art of India . If you would like to get a copy of this to print or store for later, you can download the document Description of The Eight Principal Gopis HERE. Free Shipping. The god has magically multiplied himself seven times, so that each gopi believes he is dancing with her alone. Materials and Techniques. The painting ‘Krishna with Gopies’ is based on Jaydwa’s ‘Geat-Gobinda’-painted by famous painter Manaku. Unknown. Categories: International Shipping, Testing Because this is a super interesting topic – who can ever get tired of the Gopi Companions of Srimate Radharani, I am working on a new set of all 8 cheif gopi companions of Radha! Physical description. Description Work Title Krishna Maidens View Title Krishna bathing with gopis; det. Gopis searching for Krishna, Bhagavata Purana, c1780. Punjab Hills (Pahari, made) Date. This description is by Miss Indra Vats. 19th century (made) Artist/maker. of figs+ Creator/Culture Indian (South Asian) Site/Repository Creation location: Guler (Himachal Pradesh, India) Repository: Bharat Kala Bhavan Period/Date Pahari Creation date: ca. Pahari painting—sometimes referred to as Hill painting (pahārī, “of the hills”)—is closely related in conception and feeling to Rājasthanī painting and shares with the Rājput art of the North Indian plains a preference for depicting legends of the cowherd god Krishna. Buy krishna with gopis - pahari painting - art prints, international shipping by Tallenge Store as Digital Prints & Canvas Prints. The painting has influence of Pahari School of painting with beautiful background consisting of blooming flower plants and trees.

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