Ask a question about working or interviewing at Pace Law School. The management of the school is horrible at helping their students achieve their goals. If you have high aspirations and you want a quality education, Pace is not the school to settle for. Mostly good and smart professors. PDF. This starts already in your first semester. Pace Law Review requires a two-year commitment. News Item. Follow. Weekly index of articles from current law reviews, with links to full text. For the money you pay at Pace you would accept a way better service. Faculty and instructors are great. Students are responsible for editing the Pace International Law Review, which provides a forum for students, faculty, and outside scholars to publish their research on international topics. The professors are good but the admin staff is rude and impolite (apart from some exceptions) treating the students like criminals and an annoyance. Great school. The library was pretty much the only working department but they let many of the staff go. When I found out I got into Pace, I was just happy to know I finally got into a law school. 10/07/20. Although there are some WONDERFUL professors, for every good one, there are 3 … The first year is spent as an Associate Member, while second year is spent as either an Officer or Senior Member. The lower staff are even worse somehow. Pace law focuses mainly on environmental law and puts all the money in this department which is why the others have to suffer. I think learning in a lecture hall with 60 other ppl is difficult- it makes me feel less inclined to raise my hand, ask questions, engage with the Professor, because I am generally shy and don't want to "bother" ppl. I'm in the Environmental LLM program (a one year masters program), so the admissions process is more individualized--not based on LSAT scores, but instead primarily on resume and statement of interest. I urge you, as someone with experience with this school, you want to stay far away from this school. EVERYTHING ELSE SUCKS. Her focus in English during her undergraduate studies at SUNY Brockport led Lydia to pursue an Executive Board position on the Pace Law Review. CILP suspended publication as of September 2019, while the University of Washington negotiates a contract with an outside vendor to produce the content. If you want to practice environmental law, pace is an awesome school to start your career. Pace Law School was founded in 1976 and is the only law school that exists between the city of New York and Albany. There are extensive research opportunities, with professors often offering extra curricular research projects for interested students. The campus is small and has the feel of a manor - very green and spread out over several larger modern buildings and lovely Victorian-era houses. The legal writing classes are taught by professors who have been criminal practitioners, and they schedule one-on-one conferences to edit drafts of writing assignments and give each student specialized help. Don't come to this school just because you want to do environmental law. Help people considering your employer. Excellent career if you want to help people. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team’s work-life balance. Insider Reviews. The classes tend toward the practical side--projects and memos similar to what I've encountered in internships, rather than the standard socratic method and final combination. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good education. I do understand though that fiscally that might not be very feasible especially with 1L classes. And definitely don't consider law school without a scholarship. Each issue contains articles by professors, practitioners, and judges, as well as student notes and comments, on specific issues in law, recent decisions, and current legislation. Nice pension and great stability.

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