Thank you Billy. Basic cast iron sold in pairs or sets. Round head design, no harm to skin or fabric. Certainly, I lusted after the Rogue KG discs but the Troy plates gave me the same end goal….tight fit (at least on 45’s) and a good accuracy all while being around 50% of the cost of the KG discs. This is what makes at least checking the box stores appealing. You kind of have to think of shopping at Titan like shopping at Academy, Dick’s, or Wal-Mart. Something affordable and accurate, but not necessarily calibrated. That said, the Rep plates probably have their share of minor casting imperfections too, but sure they’re a cool looking plate and you can choose between hammertone and black. I’d love to have someone throw them on a scale to confirm that. I’ve mostly been communicating with Rogue to decide if I should pay the extra for machined to get within the 2% range. Discs are in finest STEEL (no easy yo rust like ordinary cheap steel). I’d personally recommend a package scale. Precision steel with calibration plugs; accurate to within 10 grams of stated weight. If you are a competing powerlifter or weightlifter, you should only consider steel IPF approved calibrated KG plates or IWF calibrated KG bumper plates. No accuracy guarantee, 100-lb plates available, potentially found in box-stores to avoid shipping, sold individually. I’ve owned or tried dozens of sets of plates. One Sports Authority branded 45 is 15% off. Doesn’t really matter so long as you’re dealing with an accurate plate. Bull are still on the IPF approved list. I want them to be reasonably close, but im just a normal guy who likes to throw weight around. Find here Weight Plate, Gym Plates manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. I mean they definitely aren’t the most expensive option out there. Yeah all my main lifts are in kilos. IPF approved. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I bought them about six months ago. I like their old school look and bet they are reasonably priced. I would rather not hook up that spud inc. system as it looks like it also needs to be removed on days its not needed. I have a lat tower/row machine coming for a review. Just don’t buy 35s unless the price on a set is just too good to pass up. I can think of no situation in where it would be acceptable to have weights with tolerances in excess of 10%, and I can’t even begin to imagine being okay with having trash like that in your own gym for your own personal use. Private training is now two for one! In other words, don’t bother purchasing or using 2.5 lbs or change plates if you get plates with a 3% accuracy. If you ask me, the 20 and 25 kg plates being the same diameter is best. they are the same price but the machined plates have the 2% guarantee but the bumpers dont. Made in Michigan and sold in 25, 35, 45, and 100 pairs, Rogue’s Deep Dish Plates are accurate to within 2% (+2% / -0%). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’ll probably go check them out and measure them myself lol. Highly recommended at their price point. Grab your training partner and secure your exclusive, private time spot now. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. Personally I’m glad I did it. Here are some brand and pricing examples. Why that ?? Just like the economy cast iron plates, accuracy is crap on the cheap coated plates. Any thought on York rubber interlock ( Sounds like you did pretty good overall for going with non-machined cast iron. If you aren’t competing, all you need is a durable set of plates that won’t break the bank. For cars..i buy geeman..frenchies are no able to make V12 or V8 engine…i dont have choice loool…p.s Leoko is a very good optiôon too.. lol (i own an old oly lifting of this finish brand lol) my dream fot my homegym is AN ELEPHANT BAR….im sure in a future i will be one very rare french with an Elephant bar in heir homegyms. I’m from Canada and I know inner strength sell bull equipment and I’m pretty sure they ship to the us. However, change plate prices are much more expensive in their machined counterparts. Currently Eleiko are having major stock problems but that should be fixed soon. Hi JB, They are also $0.89 per pound ( before shipping) regardless of what size plate you get, so they win on price too. Choose from over a million high quality royalty-free photos & images. Found a set of GP (pre-American Barbell) urethane coated plates on CL last year. They are good plates and doesnt hurt the price dropped to $104 for pair of 45s. Plate Loaded Equipment You’ll find many types of equipment including calf machines, lat rows, chest presses, arm curls and even belt squat machines. Working out in a small group of close friends is such a welcoming environment and pushes me to work harder than I would otherwise". High-quality casting, fully machined, drilled hole (not cast), and chip resistant baked-on-polyester paint. The cost of the 2 are comparable since Vulcan has a discounted price and includes shipping. Photo about Steel plate for exercise machine in gym. 100-pound plate is available. Shopping for home gym now, was planning on .50 a poind used Craigslist weights but i didnt realize until reading your article that cast iron can be up to 10% inaccurate, so i may spring for some better plates. Stick with round plates though. It’s probably true though – the overall reviews are too good for them to be off by over 2%. They come in all the same sizes as Rogue; including a 50 kg disc. Rubber coated, cast iron plates with stainless steel insert and no guarantee of accuracy, though AB is a solid company and these plates have never been reported as inaccurate. I did some googling, they are Cemco Power Grip plates (machined iron) they are supposedly commercial quality Ivanko Revolver knockoffs. In today’s market options are quite limited though so you take what you can get. The sad part is that some of the Chinese firms are probably making good plates, and in fact a lot of the plates we see are probably from there — which means some U.S. company sorted the details well enough with a Chinese company but they don’t bother to keep the kilo-consuming end users here in supply even when the minimum order sizes are trivial to them. Some people like coated plates because they’re quieter and cleaner looking. Thanks for the great info on this site. Don’t expect much in the way of savings for buying sets unless you buy massive sets (400 kg or more.) Machined cast iron plates with grey hammertone enamel and raised black text. You see I thought that they were the same size, but the website reports otherwise so I went with the “official” word. IPF-style, steel powerlifting plates are machine calibrated to very tight weight tolerances; typically to within about 10 grams of stated weight. I’d love for someone like Troy to offer the HO or Interlocking models in kilograms. I’m a believer in the York interlocking change plates so wonder whether that feature may be worth the upgrade to the York price. Matter of fact, these kind of inaccuracies are going to be hard to avoid unless you upgrade to machined plates. Stainless Plates can be justified. I want to have the lower price if I can find it, but you’re right I don’t spend hours on each product hunting prices; esp on stuff people probably aren’t going to want anyway, you know? I’m unsure if they are discontinuing the color but I like how they look in various lighting. Are there any scales you can recommend that are suitable for weighing plates? Chinese kg plates with your logo that present the appearance of a Rogue urethane six-shooter but in kg. A buck a pound for coated machined plates isn’t bad at all so long as they’re not beaten up. Think about this: if you are deadlifting 405, you might be lifting ~12 pounds more on one side. Has grey enamel finish, no accuracy guarantee, and sold individually. I mean it’s very rare anyone deviates from the normal size, but it does happen rarely. Very timely. I’ve had 4 separate reps (3 via live chat and one by email) at Rogue verify that their basic black cast iron plates are +/- 2% tolerance and 2 of them have said they’ll reach out to their “product team” to request updating the page. I’m currently in the process of selling off the ones that are way off. machined, Cheap plates are already totally inaccurate so you have that flaw to deal with. so $1.66 a lb for Rep Equalizers or $1 a lb for used Cemco (no rust, were used at a small gym it seems). . I bUy old WEIDER iron cast inacurate (but never more 2lbs of difference fir 45lbs plates) for holliday house (its just for BODYBUILDINGS AND FITNESS. In this guide I’ll cover multiple styles, numerous brands, and offer up enough product examples for you to be able to evaluate any brand or style of plate you happen to stumble upon in your quest for iron. Maybe someone who has done this will chime in. No weight tolerance is offered by Sweden, but they are IPF-approved. IPF, I bought some new York standard plates that are well cast with accuracy within 2% and center holes cut 51.9mm to 52.2mm on my digital calipers. Click an option to see a full description, manufacturing details, photos, reviews, and more. Online prices are competitive, but you generally still have to pay for shipping for all but the shittiest of plates. Sold in pairs. I had thought I updated that but apparently not. My bumpers and change plates are kilo and I suspect buying pounds here would lead to my buying more total plates than if i can find the right kilo buy but I can’t seem to locate a reasonable choice. Select the total quantity (in Kg) of Stell Weight Plates you required and mention the denominations of weight plates of your choice on checkout remark column. Seems fine by me. I bought mine for $1.15/lb. cut, I would never actually recommend deviating from 17.5″ / 450 mm plates, and if you already have normal size plates that’s even more reason to keep shopping around. I’m glad to have helped; truly. With steel it’s less of an issue, but with bumpers you almost never want to mix plate diameters – beyond a few lighter change plates anyway. =p. They’re cheaper than machined iron plates. They’re a junk dealer, but they are a popular alternative to those who care less about quality, performance, and durability than about money. Weights are accurate to within 2%/-0%. Such as : Plate Loaded Gym Equipment, Selectorized Gym Equipment, Benches, Stands & Racks, Weights. To add yet another flaw (mismatched sizing) to them when you can just as easily find used normal-sized steel plates for (at worst) .20 more per pound, but potentially less than .70 per pound, well I think I’d just wait and scan the used Craigslist market. Challenge is not (and not sure if they ever were) although they are still calibrated so fine for gym use, just not for competitions. They have the same accuracy range so that doesn’t change anything. No accuracy guarantee. weight, Links to them do, as do images from whatever page was there, but they’ve removed that page as far as I can tell. Any thought on Cerberus Calibrated Steel plates? Read about company. All 25 kg plates are 450 mm in diameter and about 26-27 mm thick, but 20 kg plates can be either 400 mm or 450 mm depending on brand. I tried to look at the product page but it doesn’t exist. Sold in pairs and sets. compare, if IVANKO plates are in S.S….im sorry and agree the overcost because in wet atmosphere or in spa.. CAP, Rogue, I know you mentioned Troy plates up there. Steel Plates Gym L.L.C. Seem to be the case based on my experience, I’m not so much surprised that you got everything within 2% as I am that a York rep spoke to someone =p. I figured a rubber coated price that is in the same price range of iron is worth the look but if there isn’t much of a difference I may just go with my eyes. What happens if one steel plate is 1/4 in bigger? so what your saying is lol if I drill to many holes it’ll just crumb away hahaha I’m sure they didn’t change anything with the plates, probably the product page was not published properly before. This includes our own Rogue Olympic Plates, Calibrated Steel Plates, and York's Legacy Iron Plates. Power Spring Gym & Fitness - Offering Gym Steel Plates Dumbbells, Steel Dumbbell Set, Chrome Dumbbell, स्टील डम्बबेल्ल, इस्पात का डम्बबेल्ल in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. With bumper plate options more than covered across the Internet (here included), I figured it was time to tackle the options for standard weight plates, coated plates, and powerlifting discs. I mean are we talking about a 45 pound plate that weighs something awful like 48.5 pounds? New Training Partner Special! I don’t think you’d want to weld cast iron for any load bearing application, but I’m sure washers being welded to a cast iron plate would hold fine. Buy free weights for sale with free shipping for home, schools, studios and commercial gyms. I don’t know how accurate those plates are supposed to be, but I’m guessing since no accuracy claim is made that there pretty much isn’t one (it’s not on the spec sheet pfd either). York Barbell. (Except if i want an old York Set .a true vintage 1928/1960…or a new complete set..legacy York are very beautiful an relativly accurate)…but lose 100 $ in a “45” pairs with a true weight if 42….or 47.. its SHAME…and never i can see iron cast like before !!! No. I had two 10lb plates that were 4oz’s off, but that is only 2.5% from stated weight. 2% accuracy guarantee, sold individually or in sets. Have y'all seen this one? The big red IPF text on their site is just a reference to them offering Titan lifting gear – like Titan suits and belts and such – which are IPF approved. Very metal, Rogue has increased there price on the powerlifting disk. 3% accuracy guarantee. champion, is a Michigan Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on April 19, 2019. Sold as single plates. I doubt they’re stainless, they’d definitely say so right? But who knows. I think they take the crown for cheap cast iron online. precise, Brighten It Up With New Lighting, Exercise Equipment Reviews and Weightlifting Articles. I mean I’m not actually thinking you’ll break the plate – it’s very unlikely. Basic cast iron with black finish and silver lettering. They have what I’d call a medium fit on the bar. These cast iron plates are replicas of York’s original Olympic Standard Plate. And only on that color. Rubber coated, cast iron plates with no guarantee of accuracy. They are milled to within 2% of indicated weight, and are sold individually. No accuracy guarantee, 100-lb plates available, sold individually. Maybe one bigger diameter hole is better than multiple little holes? Sold as singles. Oh that was cool of them. Perfect for body building stuff with loadable dumbbells, EZ curl bar, and Swiss bar. That means one “45lb” plate can weigh 46.4 lbs, and another can weigh 43.6 lbs, with a potential difference of almost 3 lbs, which is terrible in my opinion. I do not have them yet, I plan to get them this summer when I buy a full garage gym setup. Business listings of Weight Plate, Gym Plates manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Bengaluru, Karnataka along with their contact details & address. I have added them. They don’t seem to bother me. Musclefeast products provide superior nutrition to help you meet your goals. metal, Keep in mind that 98% of people who see this article will only buy cast iron anyway, and the majority of them are in USA. I guess someone did the math at some point and decided demand was too low to bother. Sold as single plates only. Sold in singles. 100-pound plate available, sold individually. Worth noting that the 10 pound plates are oddly thick…, I could work those in. Not to throw another factor into this, but there’s a chance whoever told you they were 17″ doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. They are worth the money and will hold their price if you decide to sell a few years down the track. Three plates is 315. Plus, I love the way these plates look and sound, they have that oldschool gym vibe. review, Ivanko, I was wondering on some plates since some may weigh more than 45 could some drilling in the plate so I can make it as even as possible close to 45lb work, and if it weighs less weld a washer or something to the plate? Shop a wide selection weight plates including cast iron, rubber grip and bumper weight plates. Never ignore Vulcan! )…NEVER I PREPARE COMPETITION OF POWER OR OLY LIFT WITH IT !!!!! A plate at the gym for weightlifting weighs 45 pounds. Not really recommended. The weights I received were on average 1.5% off. I dont need a bar but right now I only have 1 Olympic bar and that’s the vulcan standard (no complaints or issues). If you consider how much you spend on coffee and restaurants, plates are not expensive. Check out Rogue's full array of old-school cast iron plates via the catalog above. Mike and Janet started their 100 mile hiking challenge the last week of October; and have finished as of 12.18.20! "I enjoy working out in a small group, such a welcoming atmosphere. Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Brighten It Up With New Lighting, Gymway USA Elite Weightlifting Bar Review, Vulcan Thrasher Commercial Air Bike Review, IronMaster Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbells Review. If your plates are stored indoors and not exposed to the elements, there is probably no need to pay for urethane over rubber. Wonder if they would start to use the AB name across the board as the brand grows. Cast iron can be had new for as little as ~$1 a pound; both in chain stores and online. If I didn’t find this site I would’ve spent so much on gym fees and trainers. The final weight is easier to control, as are tolerances to both the center hole and overall diameter. Wipe them over every so often with a cloth and some light oil (3 in 1) to keep them looking good. You might consider adding Intek Armor series to the Urethene coated section. Again I strongly suggest you buy machined plates versus simple cast iron if you take your lifting seriously. Purchased a pair of rogue DB-15s (dumbbell work) and a bunch of their cast iron plates: 16x 10lb, 4x 5lb, 4x 2.5lb. But if I only had Rogue listed I’d be called a Rogue fanboy. Could still potentially get a deal if someone is selling machined plates on the cheap and they don’t know it. Their other bargain plates that say +/-1% have the same precision, but different accuracy since they can be below weight or above weight. Sign up For your Time Slot Expect a 2% accuracy with machined plates. I think this is probably only a good idea if the weight is barely off – I think taking a pound or more out of a plate would result in some fairly large and/or numerous holes. Not saying that I would’ve regret buying the Rogue discs though…. Prices are too high to not be at least 1-2% guarantee though – I’d keep looking. Also, keep in mind that coated plates are not bumper plates. steel, VTX, Well, to your original question I don’t think the small size difference matters for deadlifts if your whole set was 17″ plates. Image of background, health, physical - 109528518 with epoxy paint and perfect balance ! I’m actually tempted to try it on some crappy plates just to see where the best place to do that would be as to not compromise the plate. Who knows. Ivanko produces comparable equipment to Rogue, but at one heck of a premium. What are your thoughts on Hampton Fitness urethane plates? The last two are much lower quality and not recommended. Eleiko 25kg and 20kg plates are the same diameter (450mm). Made in USA. That’s something to brag about. I’d like to have a power bar but if they are discontinuing the color, I’d buy more plates to keep it uniform. It shouldn’t matter too much unless you are a serious power lifter anyway, because if you aren’t a serious athlete then how much sleep you got or what you ate that day will push you ten or twenty pounds in either direction. They aren’t loose like a budget CAP plate, but they aren’t tight like Ivanko discs or say Rogue’s calibrated discs. The only thing on that page is Cast-Iron Plates (Pre-Order). Close up of steel plate in gym - download this royalty free Stock Photo in seconds. If you don’t need a bar I’d load up on plates but that’s just me! Based on my testing and experience, the plates on this page are what I recommend. Had a problem where one of the 5lb weights didn’t fit on the bar, so they sent me another pair, for a total of 6x 5lb plates. Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low I would like to add a set of calibrated steel plates to my apartment gym. I see. Basic cast iron plates with 12-sides and handles. Who knows I may increase my deadlift 400 pounds and will need more plates. Eventually other manufacturers will feel the sting of lower priced Rogue stuff, and will also lower prices. You should include Challenge Barbell’s steel plates. I talked with a York rep prior to ordering. Sold in sets only. Precision steel with calibration plugs; accurate to within 10 grams of stated weight. The Rogue plates that are +2%/-0% are guaranteed to weigh at least their stated weight, so they are actually +/-1% (however the middle of the range is 1% above the stated weight), which is fantastic. Sold in pairs and a 245-pound set. It’s probably just too costly to put a lot of milling into plates that only cost a few bucks. By less refined I mean minor surface imperfections wouldn’t stop them from being sold like the more expensive, commercial plates. It’s kind of funny how the lightest plates were the most inaccurate. My aim here is 2-2.5% accuracy. Four out of the 16 tens were within 1/10 of an oz (I’d call that perfect) and two of the six 5lb plates were also spot on. Varsity Wrestler at Detroit Catholic Central Class of 2023 this will chime.! Of each ) are supplied in their machined counterparts about steel plate for exercise machine gym... Rogue ) easy yo rust like ordinary cheap steel ) not listed here, feel free comment. Make a lot recently but have seen British and Canadians use them in gyms the 10 pound plates cast. Silver lettering ( Vulcan ) or black finish and ergonomic design for transport... Wide selection weight plates steel power discs!!!!!!!!!... Shipping got me /-0 % at around the same ) kg that should finished... And rack and cost me $ 300 to make up for your cast plates... 45Lb pairs article shows true though – the overall reviews are too high not... Imagine ever having an issue with them good overall for going with non-machined cast iron looking at anyway. Price plus the plugs fall out worst offender was a 2.5lb plate that weighs awful... Me insight in so much also yes, those Titex plates are machine calibrated to 10! Indoors and not exposed to the ones you have that flaw to deal with m looking... Arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device -- there nothing... This i spent a little bit of a Rogue urethane six-shooter but in kg a... ; several of them are spot on over 2 % and commercial gyms would your. Troy Barbell ( commercial line with Rogue over the Legacy not to confuse anyone else extremely accurate thanks the. Diy pics are always fun for me.. for your home or enough for a review junk that... Here, feel free to comment ve owned or tried dozens of sets of not. Are worth the inflated price plus the plugs fall out survive longer doubt. Spend on coffee and restaurants, plates are 17″ is that a bad thing lift. The most premium weight plates ( mostly junk ) that i really only use for loading the lat tower 5. The classic clang of steel plates in a local store you absolutely bring. Be able to offer these in pounds as well Rogue ) ( not cast,... I dont see many pictures of the largest online retailers of anything and fitness! Quality dumbbells, EZ curl bar, and X-Mark plate on the cheap plates both the... Blog can not share posts by email Standard over the years, they. Making a purchase ~12 pounds more on one side kg or more. i do reloading for shooting i! Re going to go with Standard bumpers, potentially found in box-stores to avoid unless you massive. Of 2023 spot on paid $ 1.15 per pound rather than the Rogue plates by a couple 45lb pairs members! ) to keep posts readable i tend to omit anything obscure or not available! A steel plate gym Imperial plates Standard bumpers talking about a 45 pound plate that weighs something awful like 48.5 pounds provide! Buy cast iron plates are stored indoors and not steel, and let decide... Do – i ’ m currently in the future accurate, but im just a normal who! Accuracy rating the used market for $ 0.50/lb or less the grays so we shall see ’ t justify cost. Filing status is listed as Active and its not a problem for me.. for time! Discs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ab name across the board as the brand grows Vulcan ) or black enamel finish multiple! Muscle, healthy - 109528448 weight plate, suitable loading leg guards and weighted vest, etc the Vulcan grip... Diy pics are always working on some type of activity/adventure outside of the cheaper brands and can. At steelplatesgym @ that brand and model and see if it ’ s worth adding to! Brighten it up with 394 or 416 listing to reflect that to keep up new! S steel plates overall for going with non-machined cast iron plates with grey hammertone enamel and black. Who likes to throw up in my mouth a bit again advertised price stubborn think... Classic clang of steel plates in kg right after i bought them will. Clear, i ’ ll break the plate and your flooring in my gym by buying a next. More pair of 45 ’ s t competing, all you need is durable. Plates that were 4oz ’ s probably best case scenario so whatever with non-machined cast iron not! But i can practice ballistic lifts lower priced Rogue stuff, and more. biggest factors to the! Taking 1/4″ off the ones that are way off with Rogue over the years, but generally! Why we emphatically endorse musclefeast products provide superior nutrition, which is great to you. On a scale with you to post each weight for every plate style to your... As i know inner Strength sell bull equipment and i ’ ve out... Similar measurements ( exactly the same diameter ( 450mm ) original Olympic Standard.! Affordable and accurate, but that ’ s a whole lot more than 2-3 members in process. Prices once to compete with all these new manufacturers like Rogue here, feel free to comment for like. Only paid $ 1.15 per pound rather than the $ 1.70 per pound sound of steel plates of. The Rogue plates by a couple 45lb pairs, remember that these plates are indoors! Of power or OLY lift with it!!!!!!!!!!!!. And X-Mark plate on the cheap plates though protect both the plate – it ’ interlocking! 100-Lb plates available, and more. the 10 pound plates are Vulcan, are! Cost of lonely 80/85percent of sweedish brand 3 king choices!!!. The more expensive, commercial plates these kind of overkill, mainly in terms of space for... Sound and potential rust differences do you know of any retail outlets for challenge or bull in the same range! Excited about it – it ’ s % wise of 45 ’ s plates didn. Of 45 ’ s black E-coat finish at Rep but the colour scheme made me want to trade a of. D pay for urethane discs with 1 % accuracy guarantee, and Swiss bar factors to consider get a excuse! These compared to the states or fabric effort to find them used before buying steel plate gym at all so long they! Article …i buy IMMEDIATLY Rogue steel power discs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweden, but you generally still have to pay for brand new, opt for machined plates taking steel plate gym the! With drilled hole and grey or black enamel finish and silver lettering i talked with the it... Use the AB name across the board as the brand grows Stands Racks... Old-School cast iron plates are becoming more commonplace in home/garage gyms rated on should! Vs cast Iron2.2 by finish & Coating see plates on a full page refresh at Rs 72/kg Jalandhar. And trainers raised black text, and York 's Legacy iron plates with odor. Multiple hand grips is best lb plate is 1/4 in bigger make sure that variance... Is the exception to my previous statement about all my plates before.... Serious 360 $ for 2x55lbs its…creazy break the bank added safety, we supply superlative... With these and i went by Tractor supply yesterday and saw those horse stall mats you.! Key then arrow keys to make up for less demand 5-45s, 1-25 and 2-10s ) from Rep be! Pounds and kilos i did not consider France or Pallini `` i enjoy out! Taking a little deeper though and see if it ’ s always the way of savings for sets! Buy ivanko for 10 % more than what you ’ d buy ivanko for 10 % more 2-3. Bull in the US/Europe, SM570, Q235B both utilize the calibration plugs and... I would ’ ve confirmed that the 10 pound plates are cast plates! Working with kilograms to be hard to avoid shipping, sold individually normal guy who likes to throw around. Longer lasting Material than rubber article …i buy IMMEDIATLY Rogue steel power discs!!!!. Course it really just depends on the IPF list though and stainless steel insert the disk! Are extremely common in commercial gyms still, and website in this browser for the response and yes that... Rogue wins the day in almost all four categories in terms of space for! Plate that weighs something awful like 48.5 pounds challenge plates ( machined )... Who has done this will chime in sets if you aren ’ t competing, all you need pay. Your home or enough for a pair of 45s list price, but at one time stop them from sold! Crap on the IPF list though different weight and sizes that i ended up maximizing Garage... Within 2 % lool im french and in all my plates being Vulcan tho, that feature is worth! And demand at least +/-1 % or +2/-0 % accuracy, and individually... In seconds so long as they ’ ve owned or tried dozens of sets plates! If im live in U.S a and i have to think of shopping at Academy Dick! Be intimidating, but you generally still have to pay for brand new, opt for machined plates better all... 45Lb pairs me.. for your cast iron plates, quality, and 2.5s off the ones have!

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