Trump responded to the chan… I heard the Vice President tell the Faith and Freedom Coalition how people often tell them personally that they are praying for them. One day we will all stand before God our creator and have to answer for us willingly knowing the facts but refusing to separate ourselves from him but chiming in with the lies and evil. You’ve seen what happens. I will start to cry. #MAGA . We love you!”. It happened again two days later, Sept. 10, in Freeland, Mich. Something different happened at Tucson, Arizona, on Monday, October 19th. Posted by Rev. That wouldn’t be good for my image. P.S. President Trump is all smiles as crowd chants 'We Love You'! Tap here to add The Western Journal to your home screen. document.body.appendChild( as2 ); and Freddy: Time spent cleaning up He was noticeably affected. I challenge everyone to look up the facts I put all infront of you together and search your soul, because it will be our souls that have to give account for why we stood idly by and did nothing but chanted we love trump, when we claim we love Jesus and don’t truly act like it. “Don’t say that!” Trump joked. …This is the kind of thing that historians will write about long after we are gone and the mainstream media has signed off.”. Skip to comments. We love you, brother.” ... Diddy then performed the touching song “I’ll Be Missing You” — written after the death of close friend and collaborator Notorious B.I.G. . Song Dedications; Licensing; Uncategorized. During the chants of “we love you!” Trump thanked the crowd and pretended to wipe away tears. From the Gulag, a Priest and Poet Issue a Warning, Trump’s Victory: Populism, Si, Conservatism, No, Ignoring Facts About Abortion and Elections, How Can You Mend A Bad Reputation? “I’ll start to cry and that wouldn’t be good for my image . For instance, one cruised from Jupiter to Mar-a-Lago on Saturday, October 17th with a 175-foot long barge carrying antique fire-engines. window.parent["$$mm-analytics"] = window.parent["$$mm-analytics"] || {};if (typeof window.parent["$$mm-analytics"].firstEmbed === "undefined") {window.parent["$$mm-analytics"].firstEmbed =;} President Donald Trump got a surprise by his followers at a rally in North Carolina and was left blushing after the crowd chanted ‘We Love You, We Love You’. Again, the "WE LOVE YOU!" I watch and see those chants and see nothing but the mob that chants free barabbas, basically the ppl not even knowing what or why they are and refusing to look at the facts of who and what the man they are chatting for has done. There's still a long way to go (6,000+ signers) to reach the 10,000-signer goal, but it can be done with your help. Now more facts this is a man who policy has (zero tolerance) separate kids from parents at boarder as a deterrent from immigrants coming here, as a Christian what does Jesus say about how we are to treat immigrants and foreigners, look it up if you are not familiar, another fact trump is in court while a pandemic is happing millions loss jobs and food for families and children, trump administration in court trying to roll back provisions for food stamps to destitute families, he refuses to listen to the people who spent their lives devoted to learn how to treat and save peoples lives from numerous illnesses and diseases, and him doing that causing ppl to not listen to sound advise just as ithey would if they had cancer and needed chemo treatment, or heart transplants/stints put in to save their lives, yes those dr’s, trump refuses to listen to and silences them to be truthful all for the sake of mammon. After being arrested as part of an allegedly framed drug bust at Keith Richards' estate, Mick Jagger made like a contemporary Oscar Wilde and penned the lyrics to "We Love You" from a holding cell, offering a word of thanks to the band's supporters, fans, and the editorial page of the London Times, who urged judicial restraint in the case. Of course, we do I love you. “I will start to cry. Come On Leicester Chant Leicester City (145 Songs) Do we see this kind of love for Joe Biden? and now let’s ask how truthful is trump when he speaks, he is the most untruthful president in US history, look it up that is a factual statement. Video of “We love you!” chant posted by Amy Kremer: It echoed again in my hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire, on Sunday, October 25th. They often compare these manifestations to images of mesmerized Nazis saluting the führer, but globalists, who don’t have a patriotic cell in their brains, cannot see how absurd that is. You might consider reading about King David and other great leaders who committed terrible spiritual mistakes, but who heard the Voice of God, the Holy Spirit, and obeyed taking on enormous responsibility with devotion and faith. Bill from Southeastern Part Of, Fl Also note that as a tribute to The Rolling Stones, The Beatles sing the words "We Love You" at the end of their song "All You Need Is Love," but they sing it to the tune of "She Loves You." What’s the bible say about serving mammon vs serving God. as2.src = ""; We have witnessed an astonishing marvel in politics. For admitting that, he became even more loveable. This list, however, does not pretend to be comprehensive, but merely illustrative. Why don’t you ask Him how he sees this President and what his heart for the unborn, the people of the black and Hispanic communities, for those imprisoned for years, the persecuted, for Israel and peace in the Arab nations – his stance against the evils of Isis and other evil regimes, his endeavour to speak to some of the most dangerous leaders to try to bring stability, his lifting many of the poorest in the US out of poverty. Your email address will not be published. Is in court trying to stop his DNA from being given on a rape case that at the time 14 yr old girl claimed in 1994 with Jeffery Epstein, then trumps own sister who never had a problem with him but is on recorded audio saying how he has no morals and lies and is just playing his base with lies. Father In Heaven How We Love You We Lift Your Name In All The Earth May Your Kingdom Be Established In Our Praises, As Your People Declare Your Mighty Works! Donald Trump blushes as crowd chants 'We Love You' at North Carolina rally. Video of Trump’s arrival posted by Dan Scavino shows the huge crowd on the tarmac. American citizens who love their country with profound piety see that the President also loves it with all his heart. Even the Amish and Mennonites paraded their horse-drawn wagons in an unprecedented display of loyalty to the President in Fredericksburg, Ohio, on Sunday, September 20th. WATCH: Crowd Stuns Trump With Fervent “We Love You” Chant At President’s Rally TTG ^ | 9/9/2020 | Evan Posted on 09/09/2020 5:38:27 AM PDT by wrrock. You see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. At rallies for President Trump, his supporters spontaneously and repeatedly chant, “We love you.”  In my 65 years of life, I have never heard such devotion for any public official, not even for President Ronald Reagan, even though he was quite loved. According to Q, the "brilliant" track is sung from the perspective of a working class citizen conscripted under a totalitarian regime, for which he feigns adoration. Crowd Chants “We Love You” To President @realDonaldTrump At Georgia Rally These are just a few of the things he has done. "We Love You" is a song by British band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, released as the second single from their 1986 album, The Pacific Age. Have a little humility and grace. You can use this love chant alone or enhance it with candles and incense. They never would have chanted their love to Mr. Trump when he was a civilian, but now that his supporters have proof of how hard he works and fights to save the nation, they cannot contain their affection for America’s great protector. Mr. Taylor studied journalism in high school, visited the Newseum and once met David Brinkley. It's reverberating across America, but you can make it do even more. Multiple Banks Close Donald Trump's Accounts. I will start to cry.” Open Letter to the USCCB Regarding the Cardinal McCarri... Pope Francis: Religious Freedom Goes Beyond Worship and Private Piety. I love you You don’t want to see me cry. He was noticeably affected.

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